“Whenever God separates two things for whatever reason they are no longer side by side. So one has to go up, grow up, catch up or pull down. That’ s just life.”–Jasmine

just thought it may be fun to decipher some of the most cliche relationship sayings…

cliche quote:
“Someday you will look back at this and laugh”

You may not understand it right now in the midst of things..but when it passes you will look back and smile that God gave you the strength to get through, and the wisdom to understand why..

Cliche quote: “Always look on the bright side”
This one seems to be the hardest one sometimest. Getting yourself to actually look can sometimes be a struggle..but when you finally do its like hey.look on the bright side at least things could be a lot worse. . Don’t beat yourself up over the small things…Don’t get stuck in your place of LET DOWN..
God always makes another way. If you stay looking out the window that is a bit will miss the sun shining through the other window right across the very same room…

Cheating/Lying etc in a relationship are unacceptable but reality wise is they happen–No sin is greater than the other. So just because you didnt cheat physically, but you got involved emotionally does not put you in the better place.
Cliche quote: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”
When you are not with a loved one, you tend to miss them even more, or you start to evaluate if given a second what you would do differently. This quote speaks for itself..

Just know whatever you lost, you can get it back if in God’s will. God can and will allow things to go full circle. Hang in there! Somethings you lose..when you get it get it back better than the first time. God sometimes strips things or separates two people in order for them to get better in Him.

The most popular one ever:
Cliche Quote: “You dont know what you got until its gone”
I think it’s more of a learning experience than actually missing the find yourself realizing mistakes you made and telling yourself next time you will do that instead of this..correcting yourself. Also it’s the time you re-evaluate what made you fall in love in the first place..or what made you break up in some cases…

Why do we never know what we have until it’s gone? That thought is beyond what I can even fathom….

Remixing that quote “You don’t know a good thing until it’s gone…and found someone else.

NOW THIS ONE COMPLETELY SUCKS! Warning ladies: If not careful this one could cause you depression..low self esteem…worrying..comparison and all of those non lovely things that don’t make our face look cute lol

P.S. Ladies/Men stop with the competitation…whose going to find someone first just to make yourself look like you have moved on first or find a temporary distraction from dealing with the break up…Allow yourself time to heal..then re-evaluate what went wrong in that relationship so those things are not remedial in the next relationship you become involved in.

“Remember Pride is a bad habit”

which brings me to the last one…

Cliche quote: “If their (Ex spouse/partner) happy..I’m happy for them”
Ahem (cough cough) this may be true to a certain extent. It only works when both of you have someone in your life…but it really does not work..
because you find yourselves trading eye contact..or your mind wanders back to a moment when he/or she used to do that..Now you seem them doing it for someone else..and that just makes you miss them…or in some cases just miss the moment

Watching the one you love Fall in love/or love someone else that is not you …Reality wise that is going to just break you even to watch esp if you have not moved on and still hold them in your heart.

Why do we never know what we have until it’s gone? That thought is beyond what I can even fathom….

But I do know that you can pray that God give you PEACE. God’s peace is not like our peace..His peace is a wholeness. “And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:7)

Pray a special prayer:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;the courage to change the things I can;and the wisdom to know the difference.
When a break up occurs…you must decide then do you miss the person or do you miss the moments
If you just miss the moments then you really are not allowing yourself to move on it is nobody’s fault but your own you are holding yourself back from being happy because of a fear of not enjoying those moments with another… or just complete disdain at even thinking of your ex enjoying moments like what you two shared with another…

If you miss the person…Recognize the reason you broke up…and if you really think you have a chance..than go after it. Nobody or No one thereof has the right to stand in your way.

It takes courage to love somebody , you have to be willing to risk everything…remixed Maya Angelo original quote instead of “willing” she said you “have to”

When you are willing to go the extra mile…when you are willing to learn all you can about the very thing that other person loves the most..when you are willing to allow God to renew your mind to accept things that naturally you would not be able to cope with..but allow God to open your heart to trust spiritually then you you can say…I love that person to the highest heights…deepest depths…through the strongest winds…

Learning or experiencing Love without being able to share it verbally is the greatest lesson God could ever teach…then were able to learn that GOD LIKE LOVE is an action and without that action…words mean nothing and and are empty…


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