Cant turn a Hoe into a Husband

LisaRaye, sat down for an interview withVH1’s Janell Snowden  giving her 2 cents about the 90-day-sex rule she doesn’t follow

–because she’s grown and can get down when she feels like it

–becoming friends again with her ex husband, Michael Misick who she calls a hoe in the interview saying she simply maintained a business relationshipship with him not really a marriage. , and why she never confronted Rocsi about cheating with her husband.

she also addressed the Rocsi situation.  Without naming her name, Ms. McCoy said she never felt the need to confront her because she was “just a kid” to her…yet that kid let the tabloids tell it was bold enough to open the front door of your so called home on the island…JUST SAYING…

My opinion: If your going to do the whole “NO NAME THING” then just dont speak on the situation at all… 

Check out the interview here:


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