Instead of just talking… I made it a priority


Jordin Sparks recently spoke to Ryan Seacrest about her infamous bikini tweet which got folks talking about her newly toned and svelte figure.  

The first thingsradio show host Ryan Seacrest asked Jordin Sparks about was how she lost 30lbs.  Jordin discussed that she was going through a breakup with then boyfriend Steph Jones, and she just decided she wanted to start 2011 off in a more healthy way, so she made losing weight her goal.

‘Instead of just talking about being active, I made it a priority,’ she explained.

She continued,

‘I was talking to somebody and then we just decided we would be friends, and it was one of those things where I was turning 21 and New Year’s was coming and it was like I’m not going to start my resolution on New Years day, I’m going to try to start it early and just stick to it.’

Then Ryan asked her about the tweet sent round the world when Jordin posed in her polka dot bikini.  She told him,

“…the funny thing was I just wanted to lay outside and I took a pic of the bathing suit cause I mixed and matched it and I was like, “oh this looks good! Should I post it, should I not?”
‘There was a little internal war going on… but it was for me personally a huge step cause if you would’ve asked me six months ago if I would’ve posted a picture, I would’ve said no, no, never.’


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