I tried  Chi Silk Infusion for the first time I actually thought it was pretty decent the only downfall like many reviews was the “SCENT” it reminded me of a man cologne. I like my hair products to have more of a nice smell.. Other than that it proved to do its job. It let my hair smooth and shiny without build up when used with my flat iron.  I applied the serum after I blow dried my hair then I applied my flat iron.

This product contains absolutely no alcohol at all (which a lot rave is a must now a days)

Many people iron the head of hair first, then apply the actual serum. while some people say they  get better results when the serum is actually applied very first on damp hair or before you blow dry.


When choosing a hair product..DONT TRY TO KEEP UP WITH THE LATEST TRENDS..or try every product out there. It can be harmful to your hair. What works for someone else may not work for you.

My advice  find what works for you!!! singing.. J-U-S-T F-O-R M-E (as the beat plays in my head )

Some products I’m looking forward to trying….

Elucence Silk Elixir

I read that It is very light, works well on wet and dry hair, and it contains no alcohol.



bio silk therapy Serum-

 reviews stated;Very light, aides in detangling hair, works better on wet hair. However, it contains alcohol.

 Most of these serums can be a bit on the pricey side sometimes..I’ve found purchasing them half price at tj maxx or online has worked for me.


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