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Like most I watch basketball wives and the first thing I  look at is Jennifer hair..and just  like the majority of femailes you wonder if her hair is all hers or the perk of a weave or hair extension. 

In my opinion it looks like:

 she has long hair and only adds a few tracks for fullness… I may be wrong what do you guys think?.

I checked her website Besides starring in VH1’s Basketball Wives, Jennifer has a cosmetics line, Lucid Cosmetics (launching soon) and is a principle owner of women’s fitness studio,  Flirty Girl Fitness . She also co-founded Project Save the World, a charity which supports causes such as breast cancer, youth violence and most recently the Haiti earthquake victims. There’s a link to Glam Luxe Hair on her website, which she happens to be their spokesmodel now I dont know if she just endorses it or actually wears it.

Glam Luxe Hair offers a variety of extensions. Not just the classic weave bundle, but clip-in extensions,  clip-in front bangs, clip-in side bangs and clip-in ponytails.  No wonder her hair looks great all the time whether wavy or straight!  The hair was also reasonably priced.  The great thing for those who may be interested in purchasing but dont want to spend top dollar… you can wash and use them over and over, so you’ll get your money’s worth.  Glam Luxe also has a luxury hair boutique in Chicago. 


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