DIY removers that work

  • Dryer sheets and a blow dryer: Removes crayon off the walls. Blow the dryer on the designated spot with a warm heat setting and gently remove with a dryer sheet.

Clear Nail Poilish and an old rag:

  • Removes Permanant Marker off wood..NOTE: It will remove the marker but You have to immediately wipe off orthe polish will dry. Wasn’t too impressed with this remover method. I tried this when my 4 year old decided to write with marker on his door in our apartment. 

Another suggestion to remove permanent marker I read was to try

Regular White Toothpaste and an old rag:

  • This DEFINITELY did the trick better than the clear nail polish. After a bit of scrubbing with a dryer sheet. The permanent marker was all off our door. After using the toothpaste i wiped the door down with warm water. Looks as if my son never touched the door with a marker at all. I will most likely RECOMMEND this DIY remover over the clear nail polish.

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