Jawan Harris…The Next Chris Brown

I just came across this teen sensation..He has a voice that is pretty catchy..Some may compare him to Chris Brown and after watching his videos: I can see the similarties..

 “KEISHA” which reminded me of Chris Brown “Yo”

“NOBODY” reminded me of  Chris Brown “Say Goodbye”

“Another Planet” reminded of Chris Brown “I can Transform you”


Just like Justin Bieber another teen sensation was protege to Usher..I can see Jawan Harris being Chris Brown’s Protege (despite the negativity that may surround his name..HE STILL  IS A GREAT PERFORMER TO ME)

At 12 he’s obviously still learning (as is demonstrated in the rehearsal portion of the video) but there’s certainly plenty of potential here.  I believe He will be a great asset to the young generation and older if  he keeps the right people in his circle.


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