She Luxe!

Sometimes  I feel SO BEHIND on FASHION lol

Just came upon this trend of earrings recently..

ABOUT SHE LUXE (Taken from website)

With the change of time, and evolution of fashion, De’Aundra Williams and co-designer Aja Clifford decided to take things into their own hands when they realized they no longer could find items that defined who they were, and complimented their unique sense of style as well… thus She’Luxe Couture was formed.

A play on the words She and Luxury, it exemplifies just that providing the right aesthetics to make you look amazing whether in a business meeting or at a red-carpet event.

Earrings start at $25 and top off at $55

(Good Price for QUALITY) in my opinion

Tri Feather $35.00-On sale

Image of Extreme Triangles black/white

Extreme Triangles black/white=$55.00


Image of Clutched Clutched $25.00-On Sale

Created by De’Aundra Williams and co-designer Aja Clifford, the line comprises long, look-at-me earrings fashioned out of wire, vibrant feathers, and what they call flower bombs:

Would you rock earrings by She’Luxe Couture?
See more at and purchase at Also, be sure to follow them @SheLuxeCouture.

The music on the website is BANGING..caught myself lingering on the website longer just to listen to the beat lol.


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