Shaunie displaying the Honesty bracelets on Basketball Wives

I first discovered the HONESTY line while watching the show Basketball Wives. I found the line and was very impressed. A definite must have a piece in my jewelry repertoire and and permanent on my Christmas WISH LIST lol.


Chantel Watkins and Nicole Jones had been friends for six years when they realized they had something beyond their friendship in common: Both women had decided to launch a jewelry line without knowing about the others’ plans to do so. The obvious next step was to partner up.

With Nicole’s fashion degree and Chantel’s marketing degree, the duo became an unstoppable force, launching HONESTY in April of 2009. The line’s exquisite, hand-crafted pieces utilize antique charms, original hand-fabricated metal pieces, natural gemstones and religious crosses to create wearable art.

The popular line has developed quite a following: HONESTY clients have dubbed themselves “HONESTY addicts.” To that, the HONESTY girls respond, “Admitting it is the first step. However, the only known treatment is to continue to purchase more HONESTY. Notice, we say treatment, not cure. There is no known cure for an HONESTY addiction. Treatment will leave you with feelings of joy and fulfillment. Please contact us to begin treatment today!”

Price Range from as low as $67 -175.00

LOVE THEM YET??? Visit the website:


You can also check out these two websites as well. or

They are two you can start with. If no luck, contact directly at:



Also you can  visit the site for a list of stores that are online…also the others that ship.

Excerpts on Designers taken from official website..

They are also available on TWITTER and FACEBOOK!


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