Walking Yeast Infection…Evelyn Lozada?

Found this article on NecoleBitchie.com and I had to post it…Can’t wait to hear Evelyn’s rebuttal…Will Kita and Mo be ” ‘Irrevelant if it wasnt for the “T.O. SHOW” non-mother f–kin’ factors.’  lol

Hip Hollywood caught up with the two, best known as the PR forces behind Terrell Owens and co-star of his reality show, recently on the red carpet and they went  OFF on Evelyn.  Mo went as far as calling her a “walking yeast infection”  (lol REALLY?) and criticized her behavior as a mother on the popular show ‘Basketball Wives’.

“Let’s just say Evelyn…we already know that she is the ‘non-mother f–kin’ factor.’ We’re clear on that, right? [Kita: She’s the NMFF.] And more than not, what she reminds me of is a walking yeast infection, ’cause everybody’s had one. She met, she greet-meet and slept with a man all in the same night, and then he’s not doing any better. Don’t get me wrong; I know Chad. I’ve associated with Chad. I’ve worked with Chad, but at the same time he’s sending the wrong message to women, to guys, thinking it’s ‘okay’ to wife somebody that you’ve portrayed the image of sleeping with all in the same night. And then she’s supposed to be a mother so how is she setting an example for her daughter [who is] of dating age?

And then she slept with someone’s [Tami Roman’s] husband, regardless of whether you were together, separated, or not, he’s still a husband. And she pretended to be this chick’s friend. I don’t care if it was a month, a week, or a day. You sit in front of this woman’s face and hee hee and ha ha, knowing that you’ve had her husband **** you down? Oh Tami should have beat her a–.

I can be bold and I can be abrasive. I don’t apologize for who I am and make no mistakes, right? You get what you see. One thing that I’m not going to do is have malicious intent and be straight up rude up and down for no reason. And I think that…she doesn’t deserve any respect if she’s so disrespectful. Period, the end.”

Check the video below:


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