Couple questions that stood out in Laz Alonzo’s interview with JasFly check out that article here

So what’s your deal? Are you single?

(Laughs) I’m single and open.


(Laughs) I’m not looking but I am open. When you look, you either don’t find or find the wrong thing. So I’m open to love. My philosophy is simple: Let go and let God – don’t be lazy – but let go and trust that you’re good.

What attracts you? What do you want in a woman?

This I can’t put my finger on and I can’t control. But I definitely need stimulation on every level. Of course physical, but also mental stimulation, comedic, emotional, experiences…Will having this woman in my life, actually make me better?

What are you afraid of?

Hmmm, I can tell you what I’m not afraid of. I’m not afraid of love. And I’m not afraid of judgment. You always hear things about women, but unless you’ve wronged me, then I try not to judge you on that but rather the person you are to me.


hmmmm I wonder his perspective  on what he brings to the table for a woman


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