Its your Beauty not your Booty

July’s Cosmopolitan Issue is full of great beauty tips to try for the summer

Here are some the the highlights:


Wash  with an antibacterial soap then exfoliate dead skin. Step out the shower, towel dry pits (leftover moisture breeds bacteria), and swipe on a antiperspirant. If you perspire heavily choose one with 20% sweat blocking aluminum zirconium (the max you can buy sans Rx),

such as Secret Clinical, $8, and apply it at night so it has enought time to plug sweat ducts.


Shaving Bumps

Stand in the shower for about three (3) minutes to soften hair before shaving. And make it a habit to smooth on a hydrating shave gel wich offers a thicker barrier than shaving cream. 

with a multiblade  razor (they recommend)

Gillette Gill Venus Bikini Kit Size: 1

Venus Bikini Kit_ $10.79

Finish with a body powder to keep skin dry (moisture is a common rash causer)


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