SPARKLE REMAKE: Who I’d Cast as Director

Producer Debra Martin Chase, Sony Pictures, and Mara Brock Akil and her husband Salim Akil who are the creative team behind the hit BET series ‘The Game’,  are set to remake the 1976 urban classic film Sparkle which chronicled the ups and downs of a rising R&B trio. 

This is one of my favorite movies and I am excited for the remake. 

If I were director here is who I’d cast as some of the main characters:

Paula Patton in Talks To Star in 'Sparkle' Remake
Paula Patton as the character Sparkle
I’ve heard talk about her being considered for this role and I really hope they cast her! I loved her in Deja Vu..and other films she has been featured in. She is beautiful and can actually act.
Rochelle Ayetes would be my second nominee as Sparkle
Jennifer Lewis, Lynn Whitfield , Phylicia Rashad as the girls mother Effie

kimberly EliseRegina King Actress Regina King visits BET's ''106 & Park'' at BET Studios on March 10, 2010 in New York City.

 Kimbery Elise ;Sharon Neal ;Regina King  or taraji henson as Delores

Note:If I had to pick two out of the four it would be between Regina King or Taraji P. Henson

The character Sister is going to be a difficult one to cast…based on the fact the actress has to pull off being strung on drugs and actually making us believe in her role. I would say a new face would suffice but then many directors cast these new faces and end up BUTCHERING THE REMAKES!!! The only actress I can see playing her right now is HALLE BERRY hands DOWN! She is the best actresses out there that can really bring out a character! I loved her in Losing Isaiah!

The question is can she do the singing part???

There are sooo many talented and amazing african american actresses out there so I am excited to see who will be chosen for this remake!!!

  Few song snippets from the movie:




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2 responses to “SPARKLE REMAKE: Who I’d Cast as Director

  • Sam

    Halle Berry is too old to play Sistah as she was 22yrs old in the movie and Paula Patton is too old for Sparkle as she was 16. Age wise, Paula would be bette for Sister but I don’t know if she could pull of being abused and strung out like Halle could.

    Have you even seen the movie? Rumor is that Whitney Houston will be the mom especially has she owned the rights to the remake along with Debra Martin Chase when aaliyah was supposed to do it before she died.

  • secretsociety3

    Yes I have seen the movie Sam! Aaliyah would have done a good job as sparkle too

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