naturally perfect eyebrows..

If you are looking for help to do your own eye brows..I found this good tutorial on blog..thought it was very helpful so I decided to post a few snippets from her blog entry…

the perfect brows depends on the shape of your own face. The key is to look at proportions as show in this example (image credit Anastasia):

What is the Golden Ratio? If you want the full-on mathematical explanation you can see the Wikipedia here, but basically it has been used in both art and nature as an aesthetically pleasing proportion.

And here is some sweet gif action of the golden ratio for brows on my face:


1. The beginning of the brows goes from a straight line from the side of your nose
2. The arch should be from the tip of your nose through your pupil
3. The end is a line from your outer nose through the outer eye corner


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