Jennifer Williams opens up about water in her face

Jen called in to Power 92 in Richmond to dish to TT Torrez about the situation regarding ex Eric Williams throwing a glass of water in her face…and the surrounding drama in the show:

On her soon-to-be ex-husband Eric Williams throwing a drink in her face:

Jennifer admits she was completely shocked Eric did that to her. She said she would have never in a million years thought Eric would do something like this to her. She confirmed Eric never hit her or was physically abusive but she did endure his verbal abuse.

On “Basketball Wives” breaking up her and Eric’s marriage:

Jennifer admits that she and Eric had problems way before the show so it was a struggle for her in the beginning to sign on because she would have to be real about her failing marriage with Eric. She said the show had nothing to do with her divorce from Eric.

On Eric’s recent behavior:

Jennifer said she doesn’t even know who Eric is anymore and that he’s psycho! She said his reasoning behind throwing the drink in her face was because he was trying to cast a demon out of her. Jennifer than began quoting Eric’s tweets saying, “Jesus had to cast 7 demons out of that hoe Mary.” She said THOSE are the things that make her think he’s psycho.

On if she married Eric for money:

Jennifer said she did NOT marry for money and that was never her intention. She believes he’s saying that just trying to get under her skin. She said he will text her one day saying he stills loves her then the next day he’s calling her a hoe and a groupie.

On how Eric and Jennifer met:

Jennifer said they both are from New Jersey and they met in Jersey through a mutual friend when he was playing in Denver. She said they were friends for over a year before they got serious so she thought they would be able to go back to being friends but as we all know, didn’t happen.

On being comfortable with dating even though the official documents aren’t signed:

She said yes, she is ok with dating. But she knows there’s no way they are ever getting back together. She said she’s not waiting around for the divorce to go through either. *snaps*

On why she and Eric never had kids:

Jennifer admits that there were a lot of issues in their marriage and she didn’t want to bring a baby into the mix. She admits infidelity was a major issue in their marriage.

On the guy Al Reynolds hooked her up with and the blind date named “Eric” that Meeka hooked her up with:

She thought the guy Al hooked her up with was cute and that he is not the least bit gay. She said “Eric” was cool but there were no fireworks.

On her argument with Evelyn about Evelyn’s fiancé Chad Ochocinco:

She said she and Evelyn were friends BEFORE “Basketball Wives” so she felt that Evelyn should have come to her FIRST about it before telling Shanie & Tami. She said she didn’t think the interview she did was bad because that was her opinion and she even told Evelyn everything she said to her face. She felt like Evelyn overreacted.

NOTE: i agree with Jennifer I think she overreacted a bit..Nothing she said should have came as a surprise…Jen told Eve straight up what she thought when she came back from her first trip visiting Ocho Cinco…

On people saying she’s always in Evelyn’s shadow:

Jennifer said she’s very low-key so sometimes people think that she’s a follower because she’s quiet.

On her businesses:

Jennifer has her own lip gloss line called “Lucid.”  She’s also a principal owner in a women’s fitness studio called Flirty Girl Fitness (where pole dancing and strip teases are exercises), a non-profit foundation called “Project Save The World,” and she’s writing a book, but they don’t show that type of stuff on the show. She said Shaunie has been fighting to get the producers to show other aspects of the girls’ lives other than them fighting all the time. {Um, isn’t Shaunie an “executive producer” herself?  Does she not have as much clout as the title should hold?  What’s really hood here?}

On Royce possibly being in Eric’s movie:

Jennifer said the whole situation with Eric and this movie is really odd to her. She said it’s odd to her that he reaches out to the two people on the show who he feels she’s not cool with. She called Royce immature.

On if she thinks Royce is going to film after Season 4:

Jennifer said she doesn’t know how relevant Royce is going to be being that none of the other ladies want to film with her.

On new castmate Meeka Claxton:

Jennifer said she felt Meeka was a little too anxious when she first came on the show and got herself caught up because she would say one thing then change up her story which snowballed. She believes if Meeka had just come on the show and not talked so much, she wouldn’t have gotten into all the drama that she did.


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