Choosing the Right Hair Dryer Per FOLICA.COM

Buying a dryer that includes an AC motor, ionic technology and that’s built with tourmaline and Ceramic can cut your drying time in half. That’s a lot more free time and much healthier hair.

When choosing a hair dryer they ask that you keep in mind the broke down why each one was equally important:

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 Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone and the world’s best ionic and infrared generator. When heated, tourmaline hair dryers target negatively charged sections of hair, splitting large water droplets into smaller molecules that immediately evaporate. This dries hair quicker, preventing damage and sealing in moisture and shine.


Ceramic Hair Dryers distribute heat evenly, preventing any sections of your hair from overheating or drying out. Ceramic may be used in the dryer body, the heater or as a coating on internal parts. Check the product details to find out specifics for each dryer.


 Ionic hair dryers create negative ions that neutralize hair’s positive charge and make it smooth. With regular use, ionic dryers can actually make your hair healthier and less frizzy. You’ll feel the silkiness and see the shine. They seal in moisture, help reduce static and work best for delivering super straight, sleek looks. And, by sealing the cuticle closed, ionic hair dryers drastically reduce drying time. Some models include a switch that lets you choose the level of ion output, or turn the ions on or off. When turned off, the charge changes for an effect that’s similar to teasing your hair. (Volume!)


To really make use of the benefits of ionic technology, try blowing drying your hair upside-down, with the ionic switch off for volume. Then, flip hair right-side-up and finish drying with the ionic switch on.

Hair Dryer WISH LIST:

Product view

FHI Nano Salon Pro 2000 Hair Dryer $149.95 HERE


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