Jennifer Lopez Collection at KOHLS

Jennifer Lopez line has premiered at Kohls..Below are a few of my favorite items that I thought might be worth purchasing either the actual product or something similar lol

The pricing is in the above budget price range $80 and up  for retail price..i suggest you catch the sales and get a lower price 🙂

Jennifer Lopez Tall Boots 

Jennifer Lopez Tall Boots
Jennifer Lopez Tall Boots

sale $81.99
original $109.99
available in both colors pictured
Jennifer Lopez Ankle Boots 
Jennifer Lopez Ankle Boots

sale $74.99
original $99.99
These ankle boots are SLAMMIN though!
Jennifer Lopez Waffle-Weave Cocoon Cardigan Jennifer Lopez Waffle-Weave Cocoon Cardigan


Jennifer Lopez Waffle-Weave Cocoon Cardigan

sale $52.50
original $70.00
 Her sleepwear was just that..something that would just put you to sleep..and not even have your man or husband take a second look lol
Just a few items that were posted on the Kohls website…DRAG! Nothing sexy about any of this at all..if she wore any of this to bed (WHICH IM SURE SHE DIDNT)..I see why shes on what her 3rd marriage smh lol
Just a few items showcased from the kohl website..FEEL FREE to check out the website HERE to check out her full line 

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