My journey with the SPRINT STORE

so today I go to to the sprint store to see about the camera on my HTC EVO 4g..the secondary camera was working fine..but when I tried to shoot with main camara the screen looked like this all cloudy

so the tech whose actual name will be placed here: “DAVE” helped me out by replacing the camera so I leave the store a happy camper and head home…

well while in the kitchen i go to use my phone and the screen pops out and lands on the floor so i try to put my screen back and this was the result


Complete damage so of course I AM HEATED! because “DAVE” the tech forgot to put the screen back in all the way after replacing my camera..

so I head to the infamous sprint store where the customer service is BLAH! the wait time there is ridiculous..anywhoo so I speak to a guy named (INSERT LAUGHTER) lol

I speak to Jackie and he gives me this skeptical look “like um are you trying to play us”. I beat his stare back with a “your either going to fix it or give me a new phone” look right back. So i explain what happened  and he gives the phone back to the tech that helped me and he replaced the screen for Free

ahh my phone replaced back to its original state!

Now to vent for all those whose screens cracked and were turned away at the sprint store:

The Sprint Store  claims they can only fix screens whose cracks are not above an inch…and will turn you away with a cracked screen even if you have the TEP( total equipment protection) insurance on your phone and tell you to contact ASSURION who will charge you a $100 non deductible charge to send you a REFURBISHED phone!

According to sprint customer service who the service center will say is INCORRECT states that any store that does repair CAN AND SHOULD be able to fix your cracked screen as long as they dont find something else thats broken then your they are not going to be able to replace the screen due to liability reasons. but they will be able to replace the screen if nothing else is broken like screw etc.

My advice if you have to go through that..I will either report the phone as LOST so you dont have to send a phone back in and you can take it to a third party sprint store and have them swap the screens off the refurbished phone to the phone you already have so you can keep your original phone.

I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND HOW the SPRINT STORE SAYS THEY DO REPAIRS BUT YEETTTTTTT turn you away when your phone is really SPRINT whats the deal? Is it that you dont want to fix the phone? Go through the hassle? Dont want to be bothered? Techs hate fixing screens what???

Because as a customer paying an extra $7 dollars a month for total equipment protection should not be turned away or charged any amount for a damaged phone when indeed the insurance is supposed to cover that right?



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