Beyonce covers Bazaar

Beyonce covers the November 2011 issue of “HARPER’S BAZAAR” ,  For the photoshoot, she was shot by Terry Richardson and styled by Andrew Richardson.   See highlights and her second cover and more pics below:

On the alternate cover, Beyonce wears a beaded jacket, Salvatore Ferragamo; Swimsuit, $185, OMO Norma Kamali.


On her MTV VMAs pregnancy announcement and her red carpet Lanvin gown

“I put a lot of thought into how I wanted to unveil it. It was important to me that I was able to do it myself.   I was extremely nervous. It was the toughest red carpet I ever did.  I didn’t want a crazy picture or gossip story to break the news.  So I decided to say nothing and proudly show my baby bump. I felt it was more powerful to see the love and enthusiasm as opposed to saying anything.”

On her maternity wear

“All I see now are clothes that are flattering on a pregnant woman.  It’s been so exciting for me! I love figuring out designs that still make me feel edgy and sexy while pregnant. Flowy fabrics are always flattering….but I still rock my stilettos.

“I’ve had so much fun with fashion over the months.  I have been pregnant through every event I’ve done, from the Billboard Awards to Glastonbury.”

 On amping up her contemporary art collection

My mother has been an art collector and always taught me the value of art. She has encouraged me to invest in art since I can remember. The first artist I was truly inspired by was Vincent van Gogh. I was 17 and began doing my own paintings. I used to copy his style. When I was 20 I visited the Sistine chapel and saw Michelangelo’s work and it was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life. I then went on a tour around Europe and visited all the places Picasso and Matisse hung out. I then visited Art Basel and was exposed to all kind of contemporary artists. It got me into art that’s more abstract. Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring are two of my favorites but I appreciate so many contemporary artists. Art inspires me in so many ways. I use art as reference when I’m looking for inspiration for my performances, wardrobe or a video I might be working on. My husband and I collect all types of art from Basquiat and Warhol to Marilyn Minter.

Bazaar: You sang at President Obama’s inauguration.  What was that moment like for you?

To this day I am still overwhelmed by that experience. It would have been enough of an honor to go to Washington, D.C. and witness history. To have been asked to sing for their first dance was one of the biggest moments of my life. I had to keep telling myself, to snap out of it and sing. I look back at the performance and I still don’t know how I kept it together.

Bazaar: Have you ever seen any of the videos of babies dancing to “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”? What do you think about it being such a hit with the diaper set?

I have seen them and they are hilarious. There’s something about that song. Maybe it’s the repetition and the simplicity of the video that get the babies’ attention. I’ve heard that babies like black and white images so maybe it’s that. Whatever it is, it goes to show that music speaks to everyone.

“It was important to me that I gave myself time to focus on becoming the woman I want to be… before I became a mother,” said Beyonce, in a brown/blue/grey Fendi fur coat.

My favorite photos from the  photshoot:

“I didn’t want a crazy picture or gossip story to break the news, so I decided to say nothing and proudly show my baby bump.”

 Here, she wear a red rain jacket, $8,650, Yves Saint Laurent and pumps, $675, Christian Louboutin.

“I love Kate Moss. I think she has great style. And I always admire Victoria Beckham and Gisele.”


In this photo, she rocks a cropped leather jacket, $5,475, Versace; Bodysuit, $1,250, Dolce & Gabbana; Belt, $365, Stella McCartney, Cuffs, $2,050-$2,200, Chanel Paris Byzance.


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